Antharion Kickstarter Campaign Updates #14-15, $18,200 and Counting

As we're getting close to the end of the Antharion Kickstarter campaign, the folks at Orphic have sent out two new updates for it, including one on magic and another on a new reward tier and the progress the title has made since its early stages.

Here's a snip from the first:
Black Magic
  • Firebolt - Hurls a ball of fire at a single target
  • Summon Beast - Conjure a rat to fight for you
  • Curse of Weakness - Increase the target's weakness to physical attacks
  • Poison - Does damage over time to a single target
  • Curse of Sloth - Slows your enemy temporarily lowering his action points
  • Web - Immobilizes the target in a spider's web
  • Life-Tap - Convert some of your life into mana
  • Inferno - Create a huge wall of fire extending out in every direction
  • Ice Bolt - Hurl a shard of ice at a single target freezing it
  • Death Blow - Deals a single devastating blow to an adjacent target
  • Cone of Cold - Freezes all targets within its cone
  • Curse of Magic - Makes the target susceptible to magical damage
  • Poison Cloud - Poison all targets within its radius
  • Summon Demon - Summon an imp to hurl fireballs at your enemies
  • Last Stand - Create a massive explosion killing the caster in the process

Gray Magic
  • Polymorph - Turns the target into a pig leaving it temporarily unable to fight
  • Detect Life - Reveals all nearby creatures hidden in darkness
  • Relieve burden - Allows the caster to carry additional weight
  • Extend light- See further into darkness
  • Mark/Recall - Set a location anywhere and instantly teleport back to it later (not in combat)
  • Silence - Prevent the target from casting magic
  • Teleport - Instantly transports the caster to a new location
  • Fear - Causes the target to flee the caster
  • Invisibility - Prevents the caster from being seen by foes
  • Knock Back - Pushes your enemies away from you outwards in every direction
  • Mass fear - Fears all targets within a radius
  • Lock-door - Magically seals a door or container
  • Sneak - Reduces your party's chance of being spotted by foes
  • Mass Invisibility - Makes your entire party invisible

 White Magic
  • Heal - Increases the target's health
  • Magic Shield - Protect the target from magical damage
  • Frost Armor - Chance to freeze attacker upon taking physical damage
  • Charm - Recruit an enemy to fight for you
  • Knight's Blessing - Increase the target's damage capability with melee weapons
  • Group Heal - Heal your entire party
  • Melee Shield - Protects the target from melee damage
  • Fire Armor - Chance to deal fire damage to your attacker upon being hit
  • Haste - Target is granted twice as many AP points next turn
  • Archer's Blessing - Increase the target's capabilities with bows
  • Missile Shield - Protect the target from missile damage
  • Resurrect - Bring one of your party members back to life
  • Cure - Remove one negative magical effect
  • Sacrifice - Give up your life to heal your party