Antharion Kickstarter Campaign Updates #11-12, $15,300 and Counting

Two new updates have been released for the Antharion Kickstarter, the first one being a progress report and the second noting the team has reached the first stretch goal. Here's a snip from the second, dealing with the races of the game:

Human - Are the ruling dominant race in Antharion. After thousands of years of brutal Orc rule, humans united Antharion's various factions under a single flag and proceeded to enslave the entire Orc race in a single sweeping act of retribution.

Orc - For thousands of years Orcs used their surperior strength and fighting ability to dominate all other groups. This led to a deep-seated resentment among the other races culminating in the Orc race's complete enslavement by the debauched King Zeverith. Though Orcs are officially classified as a commodity in Antharion, a few still exist freely in small pockets on the outskirts of the Kingdom.

Lynx - A naturally solitary race, Lynx prefer to live out their lives alone on the fringes of society. Many of them survive off of thievery leading to a general distrust of the entire race.

Elf - During Orc rule, Elves were kept as pets and artificially bred for aptitude in White Magic, beauty and tiny brains (a trait elevated by Orcish culture). Humans are quite happy with the small state of the Elf brain as that's one less group to potentially challenge human dominance.

Necrophil - Originally the summoned magical creations of powerful Black Wizards. Necrophils began a recursive sequence of self-replication whereby each successively summoned creature was capable of more powerful magic than the last. This resulted in Necrophils being even more powerful than their original summoners. Necrophils are the most feared and reviled of all the races, and the greatest threat to the Humanty's hold on power.