Antharion Kickstarter Campaign Update #9, $13,300 and Counting

The ninth update for the Antharion Kickstarter offers a video of the title's iPad version, which apparently came out much better than the developers were expecting.

Here's a snip:
Antharion has been successfully ported to the iPad! And the good news is that it runs, looks and feels way way better than we ever imagined it could on a tablet device. We believe that there is a place for serious RPGs on tablets and it just so happens that Antharion is perfectly suited to the platform. Touching and dragging interface elements like spell buttons from the spell book over to the action bar feels so much more intuitive on the iPad. Selecting targets in combat and opening and closing interface panels feels effortless. It's hard to tell from the video, but Antharion looks gorgeous on the iPad's display.