Legend of Grimrock Hits Mac and Linux, Dungeon Editor Updated

A new blog entry on the official Legend of Grimrock website brings the fantastic news that the excellent dungeon crawler is now available for Macintosh and Linux gamers, that the Dungeon Editor now supports 2D objects for dialogue windows and other fun stuff, and that you can pick the game up for very little money in the Humble Indie Bundle 7. Good stuff:
But wait, aren't the games on Humble Bundle always available for Mac and Linux as well? Well, so is Legend of Grimrock now too! You can get access to all the platforms by buying the via the Humble Bundle (of course) or our store. Mac version is available on Steam (Steam Play enabled naturally) and you can purchase the Linux version at Ubuntu Software Center soon.

But.. The Humble Bundle and the new platforms are not the only gift we have in store for you. We also updated Legend of Grimrock itself so if you're on Steam, the game should update by itself but if you've got the standalone version, you can download the patch here. Note: version 1.3.1 is required for the standalone version's patch, so if you don't have that version, the easiest way to update the game is to redownload it from the vendor you purchased the game from! One nice addition we put into the game is that if you've got a low-spec machine, we've got a new rendering mode that will help the game run much much smoother on older hardware. But the real exciting stuff is the new features for the dungeon editor. I'll add a comprehensive change log to the end of this post but there's one thing we want to highlight here: you can now create custom GUIs. That means you can add 2D graphics on the screen and interact with them using a mouse or keyboard. This means that now you can create, say, dialogues with NPCs, trading interfaces, screens for custom skills and so on. But to show off what the system is capable of doing, yesterday we decided to get off on a bit of a tangent and make a new game from scratch using it. Prepare yourselves for. Toorum's Quest II!!!

You can now grab the mod from Steam Workshop or Grimrock Nexus and try it out for yourself.

And here's the full changelist for version 1.3.6 I promised you a little earlier: - added new graphics option Render Quality, setting it to low may increase frame rate dramatically on low end systems
- added new game option Tablet Mode, which enables attacking with left mouse button
- added support for wall and pillar placement for LightSources
- entities with pillar placement can now be placed next to walls in the editor
- added anchorPos, anchorRotation, targetPos and targetSize properties for altar definitions
- added new entity property: class
- added new scripting functions: getMaxLevels(), isWall(level, x, y), Party:setPosition(x, y, level, facing), Monster:setPosition(x, y, level, facing), Monster:getHealth(), Monster:getLevel(), Champion:getFood(), Champion:addTrait(trait, silent), Champion:removeTrait(trait), Champion:hasTrait(trait), Item:getScrollImage(), Item:insertItem(slot, item), Item:removeItem(slot), Item:getItem(slot), Item:getItem(slot)
- added getStatistic(statName) (possible statistics are: (play_time), (monsters_killed), (items_found), (secrets_found), (treasures_found), (toorum_notes_found), (skulls_found), (grimrock_doors_opened), (tiles_moved), (pit_falls), (melee_attacks), (ranged_attacks), (unarmed_attacks), (rocks_thrown), (spells_cast), (potions_mixed))
- added craftingTool property for recipes (support for new crafting tools)
- bug fix: crash when party stops resting and there is a onRest hook but no onWakeUp hook
- lever click box can be adjusted by placing a Node named (lever_node) in the model file
- added new LightSource property: flicker
- added new optional parameter for shootProjectile(): championOrdinal
- added Item:onEquipItem(champion, slot) and Item:onUnequipItem(champion, slot) hooks (works for all inventory slots)
- bug fix: shootProjectile's offsetX, offsetY, offsetZ parameters don't work
- added onDrawGui, onDrawInventory, onDrawSkills, onDrawStats hooks to Party class for implementing custom guis
- corrected grammatical errors (thanks Komag!)
- small tweaks to the Grimrock dungeon