Antharion Kickstarter Campaign Relaunched

Having ended just shy of their $10,000 goal last time around, the team at Orphic Software has kicked off a second Kickstarter campaign for Antharion, their "old school RPG". Considering that they're already over $6000, I suspect they're going to crush their goal a few times over this time around:
Antharion is a huge fantasy world that allows you to explore and play at your own pace. Tons of towns, cities, monsters, quests, castles and dungeons scattered throughout the world will keep even the most hard-core dungeon crawler busy for days on end.

- Turn-based tactical combat
- Immense open-ended world
- Create and customize a party of 4
- Dynamic lighting and shadows
- No Level Scaling
- Full day/night and weather cycles
- 3 Magic School featuring 45+ unique spells
- Smart NPC and monster AI