Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Reviews

We have rounded up a couple of early reviews we could find for Overhaul and Beamdog's remaster of BioWare's D&D-based isometric classic, Baldur's Gate.

My Gaming, 80%.
The game will have a difficult time to entice a new generation of gamers into its fold with its dated shell and weathered paint but for anyone who's played the classic and needs an excuse to revisit the Sword Coast, you're probably downloading it right now, already.

The bottom line: well done, Overhaul. You've proven that you can do it, and do it well now bring on Baldur's Gate II.

Only Single Player, 8.5/10.
It comes down to what you want from the remake. If you replay the game annually and are looking for something new, want to play on a tablet, don't own BG2/ToB, or don't have the time to look for and install a few mods, this is worth a look. If you are new to the series and relatively computer savvy, or want to buy the entire Baldur's Gate series, I am not sure if I could recommend this game to you just yet, since the older titles hold up perfectly well with one or two simple mods, and for half the price. What I would instead say is wait. Wait until Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition is released next year, and for the modding community to get their teeth into the updated engine. Wait for the amount of extra content already made for the original release to be introduced into the Enhanced Edition.

Baldur's Gate was a near-perfect game, and the Enhanced Edition has most of the rougher edges polished. As a standalone title, you'd be foolish to miss it. But it isn't a standalone title, and I can't pretend it is. By itself it is much better than the original and it is the best commercially available Baldur's Gate but compared to the entire series with mods added, it is a slightly inferior product.

I don't want to leave this review on a sour note. What the Overhaul team have achieved is wondrous, and nothing can take that away from them. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is the same game I love. I just wanted more from it than I got.