Crowd-funded Role-playing Game Round-up, Continued

As I'm going to start adding some titles from IndieGoGo and potentially future sites as well, I've renamed this ongoing series to "crowd-funded" to reflect the expanding market for community-driven projects. Anyway, on to some promising tabletop and video game RPGs that could use your funding:

Iron Age Fantasy RPG
Iron Age is a Pen & paper RPG situated in the world of BC. Iron Age uses real facts of the historical period and yet implements legends and magic of different nations in amalgam not unlike Tolkien created world or ancient sagas. (Core book will have 300 +pages) Core book consist of powerful and versatile of Core and optional rules, that allow you to create unique character. Yet that isn't all, combat system implements few revolutionary concepts by using maneuvers and other options that make gameplay more interesting and enjoyable.

Punktown: An RPG Setting for Call of Cthulhu
Punktown: An RPG Setting for Call of Cthulhu® and BRP is a book that will allow players of Chaosium's famous award-winning system to explore a dark, futuristic world fraught with untold perils. If you're a cyberpunk fan, if you're a horror fan, or if you're both, you'll want to explore the pages of this book.The book will be written for the famous BRP system, compatible with Call of Cthulhu and Chaosium's many other game settings, so if you're looking to expand your world, and add options, look no further than Punktown!

Project H.O.P.E.: The Role-playing Game
It's 1939. Europe is in flames, and the world is trembling: the Third Reich has unleashed its Blitzkrieg with a new terrible weapon: the Meta-Humans: men and women with incredible abilities who seem almost impossible to defeat. The Nazi war machine created these teams of superhumans in a laboratory, and sent them into battle. The first team, the Arischer Sturm, demonstrated tremendous force during the invasions of Poland and France. This showed the whole world the unbelievable powers dormant in every man; powers awakened in the Nazi Mutation Chambers.

Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars
Do you remember SSI (Strategic Simulation Inc.) and its great games? If the answer is YES, you can't miss this game because everything in it reminds of the incredible gaming experience that SSI created in its titles. Great turn-based strategy and RPG games such as Panzer General, Fantasy General or Pool of Radiance inspired and guided us in the development of our project. However, with (Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars) we've tried to do better than our masters, adding depth to the gameplay, to the story and the setting for this genre.

Legend of Dungeon
Legend of Dungeon is about looking for treasure in a dungeon full to the brim with monsters. Legend has it there is a massive treasure all the way down on the 26th floor. Your quest is to go down there, get the treasure, and make it back to the surface alive.

IceBlink Engine
This project will develop a Role Playing Game (RPG) 2D engine and toolset as well as a demo adventure game module created with the toolset. The game is inspired by a few of my favorite games; The Bard's Tale, SSI Gold Box series games, Baldur's Gate, and Neverwinter Nights (1 and 2). The intent is to create a game engine that results in a virtual table top, Pen and Paper type feel in a single player computer game. The game engine will be free once completed, but the toolset will initially only be available to backers of this Kickstarter project. The toolset will allow anyone to create their own adventures to share with the rest of us.

Adventures Dark and Deep Players Manual
Adventures Dark and Deepâ„¢ is an attempt to explore what the world's most popular role-playing game might have looked like if its creator had been allowed to continue developing it, rather than leaving TSR in 1985. This work is based on extensive research into Gary Gygax's public statements about his vision for the next edition of the game, using the game's 1st edition rules as a jumping off point. It's not a retro-clone, but an entirely new game with a very familiar feel.

Goblin's Bounty
If you enjoy gamebooks or collectable card games, then you will love Goblin's Bounty. If you are into both then this Android game will be your dream come true. Goblin's Bounty combines the storytelling of a gamebook with deep strategy elements of a collectable card game. The gamebook aspect of Goblin's Bounty means that you can explore different worlds at your leisure and forge your legend as a hero among goblins. The innovative combat system is based on collectable card games where you can collect weapons, armour, spells and creatures and use them against your adversaries in magical duels.

Eternal Eden: Ecclesia
The creation of Eternal Eden: Ecclesia began at the end of 2010. Initially, the game was made with RPG Maker VX, but after struggling in development hell for months due to software limitations, I decided to change course and utilize my own RPG framework combined with Unity 3D. My objective was also to be able to port the game on other platforms. It's a series of long stories that I won't address today, so let's just say that creating an RPG with high and exacting standards is an extremely long and challenging process.