Neverwinter Control Wizard Trailer and Screenshots

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios hit us up with a new trailer and a handful of screenshots for the Control Wizard, one of the classes we'll be able to play in Neverwinter when the co-op multiplayer-focused title launches early next year. I have to admit, though, it's a little disappointing to see Magic Missile being used as a machine gun and Ice Storm launching spikes from the ground:

In any event, here's some background info:
Control Wizards are masters of arcane magic, tapping into the true power that permeates the cosmos. For them, true strength comes not from physical might or the sharp edge of a blade, but from extensive study, the discovery of forgotten knowledge, and intricate preparation.

Control Wizards have a talent for stunning and disabling groups of enemies with magical effects that cover large areas. With careful and calculated execution of spells, the Control Wizard can turn the tide of battle even when outnumbered.