The Age of Decadence Preview

BlueSalamander from HeroicFantasyGames spent some time with The Age of Decadence over the weekend, and has penned a new preview piece based on his time with the turn-based RPG. Here's a taste:
Another thing I realised was that the 'Block' skill is better than the 'Dodge' skill if you want to take advantage of heavy armour. So I made another character, this time specialising in Swords, and Block. And this character had a good time. It seemed like he would master every encounter, crushing all his enemies under his blade.

Which brings me to another thought: when playing Age of Decadence, you have to leave all moral concerns aside. In this game, fighters must take every opportunity to kill a character, in order to gain skill points and treasure. It doesn't matter if the victims are completely innocent.

So how far did my Sword character go? Very far. He became a friend of the imperial guard commander and overthrew the city's king. But then he was captured and caged. Then he was given a chance to escape. But before he could escape he had to kill two guards, while being completely naked except for a dagger. Since the character had put all his skill points into Block and not Dodge, he had approximately zero chance to survive. You need a shield in order to block attacks.

So I made a new character, this time specialised in Axes and Dodge. His weapon was the two-handed axe. Again, this character was very successful. He even managed to defeat the group of seven raiders. But he completely failed to defeat the mining outpost, even after poisoning the food of its occupants. Next, he joined the imperial guards. But then he completely failed in the mission to overthrow the king. At first I thought that he failed because 'Dodge' is inferior to 'Block' but that was not the real reason.

No, the real reason was that my axe-wieder had intelligence 4, while my swordsman had intelligence 8. Because of the higher intelligence, my swordsman had impressed the imperial guard commander and in return my character had been showered with rewards. My axeman was dumb so his life was made incredibly harder. I read on the official forum that if your intelligence is at least 6, your fighter receives a boost to the weapon skills, a set of armour, and elite guards in the mission to overthrow the king. If your fighter has intelligence 4 or 5, you get no reward and the guards that help you in the mission are much weaker.