Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Preview

There's a preview of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition on PCGames N, with the sole purpose of telling us "everything we know" about the revised version of BioWare's classic RPG, its expansion pack, and several hours of extra content.  A little something to get you started: 
Enhanced Edition looks set to deal with the original game's deficiency in evil-aligned recruitable NPCs with Dorn Il Khan. Dorn a half-orc Blackguard, driven by revenge and powered by an unholy force which makes him as capable with spells as with his liquorice-black greatsword. Save too many kitties, say Overhaul, and he won't be sticking around. (Last night's VO session for Dorn had the words Die, Blood or Blade in almost every line,) Oster tweeted about the Blackguard. (One page had Die in every line.)

Elsewhere is Neera, a half-elf wild mage to be found wandering the High Forest after a terrible accident which sees her pursued by the Red Wizards of Thay - unequivocal baddies of the Forgotten Realms. Her internal dichotomy of guilt and whimsical humour is to be provided strong counterpoint by the inner calm of Rasaad yn Bashir, a monk from Calimport with an unusual skillset and, inevitably, his own problems.