Etherlords and Warlords: Battlecry Released on

I've been extremely busy lately, so it's only just come to my attention that the fine folks at have recently packaged up two classic strategy/RPG titles in their usual DRM-free fashion and put them on sale: Nival Interactive's Etherlords and SSG's Warlords: Battlecry. Both titles are available for $5.99 each, and just in case you're not familiar with one or both, I'll give you a quick rundown in respective order:
Ether is a mysterious, omnipresent substance out of which everything in the world is made. Ether knows no barriers; everything springs from it and returns to it after death, and its flow is life itself the life of the Ether Universe. For the intelligent dwellers of this world, ether is a source of power and pure energy, sometimes referred to as magic. They are born with this ability using invisible currents of energy flows, they create armor, weapons and servants... Ether is the thread from which they weave their world.

Enter the world of Etherlords as a champion of one of the four great magical races: the powerful Chaots, the brilliant Kinets, the empathetic Vitals, or the ruthless biomechanical Synthets. Create a powerful deck of cards to summon troops who will follow your every command: exploring the world, conquering territories, battling the minions of enemy lords and ferocious creatures unleashed by the disturbances in the flow of the Ether. Build forces, create spells, and engage in diplomacy. Collect essential resources to fuel your armies, upgrade and enhance your spell sets, and create powerful spell books for conducting duels in the best traditions of trading card gameplay.


When the stone Tears of Heaven, Navarre and Lucifus, fell from the sky, their appearance changed the world. Navarre, the white tear, had a life-giving power while Lucifus sowed death and destruction. Eight factions raced to harness the magic of both tears for themselves, giving them the command over life and death. The winds of war swept the land as the Minotaurs, Dwarves, Barbarians, Undead, High Elves, Wood Elves, and Dark Elves clashed in conflict of dominion over the Tears of Heaven.

Warlords Battlecry translates the classic turn-based Warlords gameplay into a fast and furious real-time strategy game. Your magic can boost the offensive power of your heroes' troops. Your heroes gain experience and skills that can turn the tide of battle, such as magic resistance and advanced gathering of resources for your war effort. With dozens of skills, hundreds of units, eight different factions, and a slew of maps to choose from, Warlords Battlecry has all the ingredients of an RTS classic.