Neverwinter Developer Blog: The Foundry

There's a new developer blog entry up on the official Neverwinter website, in which the unnamed Cryptic Studios team member goes into greater detail about the game's Foundry toolset, its capabilities, and how it will function with the final D&D-based product. A snip:
There's a number of ways for players to find content which has been created by the Neverwinter Community. Popular or spotlighted missions will be advertised on the in-game landing page, an in-game UI element which conveys a plethora of information, including quests, dungeons and events that you can do at your level, in addition to other things, such as Foundry Content. You can also find player authored content at one of the many job boards that are located throughout the public zones. You might also find a Harper Agent, members of a semi-secret society dedicated to the preservation of lore, and fighting the forces of evil, on your travels through one of Neverwinter's many adventure zones. These agents will be able to point you towards player authored content near them in almost the same way as standard quests are offered.

One thing you'll notice once in-game and playing through these adventures, will be that you're hard pressed to distinguish a player authored adventure from one that Cryptic's own development team has created. NPC's, objects, and monsters within public and adventure zones are all available to be incorporated into a Foundry author's quests and campaigns. Foundry content can involve the Cryptic world as much or as little as the author wishes from entirely taking place inside Adventures zones to being completely isolated in the author's world. We felt that this amount of integration was very important for a number of reasons, but one of our key goals was to promote immersion. We really feel that any Dungeon Master who wants to add to the Forgotten Realms should be able to, and we don't think their content should (stick out) in any way.