Ultima Online Ask & Answer Q&A #2

For the second installment of their "Ask & Answer" community Q&A for Ultima Online, the folks at BioWare Mythic talk about the Doom dungeon, the Virtue system, the armor balance and more. Here's a snippet:
When will the Virtue system be completed? (from Knuckleheads.dk)

Mesanna: We have come up with several ideas but just don't feel they are worthy of the last two virtues. We have read some of your ideas on stratics but would love to hear more.

Will the "brainstormed" Order/Chaos involve Warfare in usual None-PvP areas, Such as trammel? (from Knuckleheads.dk)

Mesanna: We have not gotten that far in the discussions with this, hopefully we can talk to everyone during the 15th Anniversary Party and get a good discussion going. Since a lot of you are not able join us we will also start a thread when we are at the point of go or no go on the project.

Non-medable armor is underpowered compared to medable armor. Is there any plans to boosting non-medable armor without ruining the usefulness of leather? (from UOForums.com)

Mesanna: We are in discussion regarding updating armor, making all armor useful again. We are going to do our best not to mess up leather but still make the other materials a viable option.