Fallout: Lanius Interview

AusGamers had the opportunity to chat up Encryption Films' Wade K. Savage, during which the Fallout: Lanius director and creator discusses the team's future plans for the fan film, the competition they face elsewhere in the wasteland, the difficulty they've had with appealing to the hardcore Fallout fanbase, and more.
AusGamers: What made you think it was a project worth the extra attention you're giving it?

Wade: Well, in the end it just comes from my love of the subject matter. I love the notion of warring civilisations, science-fiction and high action. I loved the writing of Fallout: New Vegas, and its characters who were multiple shades of grey. For me, Fallout: Lanius is a pure work of passion. I want to use all the lessons I've learnt directing shorts and theatre and apply them here.


AusGamers: What hurdles have you faced in the production of your film?

Wade: It's been tricky getting the hardcore Fallout Fanbase on-side. The websites have run our stories, but the older fans are very skeptical of the film. It's funny, we've been given money by Chris Avellone (Obsidian Entertainment) but a majority of the hardcore (or perhaps older) Fallout Fans are very quiet about the film. I'm thinking they are waiting to see what it'll be like.Which really, I can't blame them. In terms of the production, it's been quite smooth. We've just planned and worked hard - and that seems to be helping.