Ancient Domains of Mystery Indie GoGo Drive Ends at $90,169

In case you were following, or even backing Ancient Domains of Mystery's recent Indie GoGo fundraising campaign to resurrect the title's development, you might be happy to know that the campaign succeeded in a pretty spectacular way, reaching every stretch goal except the last two and ending with a sum of $90,169 raised.

And while the campaign is now over, that doesn't mean the updates on the official blog will stop, so in case you're interested in the title's development, it would be a good idea to head there from time to time.

In the meantime, here's an excerpt on the records ADOM broke on Indie GoGo:
And broke so many records:

'¢ Highest funded gaming project ever on Indiegogo
'¢ Highest funded computer gaming project ever on Indiegogo
'¢ Highest funded roguelike game world wide

Over the months to come we'll see a ton of new stuff appear (I'll need to write down all the extras that added up in the past 24 hours) but besides tons of new quests (literally) tile support, audio integration, Steam support, new races, new classes, volcano quest, Rolf quest, achievements, ADOM RPG and what not ADOM now truly has the chance to become a true 21st century roguelike game. Thank you so much for all the love - I'm beyond words!!!

We'll now happily take the huge responsibility this puts on our shoulders to give our blood, heart and soul to produce the best ADOM ever... and the best ADOM Deluxe ever. Due to the totally unexpected amount of extras we managed to unlock it will take months to create the finished version (quite a few months). We'll try to be as transparent as possible about the whole process and keep you updated constantly.

Thanks RPG Codex.