The Age of Decadence August Update

Yet another update to the dialogue interface, yet more additions to the ever-branching storyline of the title, yet more polish and beta testing plans are the highlights of the latest monthly update to the indie turn-based RPG The Age of Decadence.

Here's an excerpt/example of the new additions (don't read if you vehemently hate even the most minor spoilers):
A well-dressed woman opens the door, looking at you quizzically. You can't help but notice her rings and the necklace. Stones like these are bound to fetch a good price.

1. [grifter] "Lady Anthea, I presume? I'm happy to inform you that Lord Gaelius has agreed. You're expected to arrive to Maadoran within a fortnight."
2. Wait till the dark and pay her a visit
3. Leave.

If 1:

"You have the privilege of addressing Lady Camilla Domitia Planca." Before she closes the door, her curiosity gets the better of her. "You were saying something about Lord Gaelius and Maadoran?"

[streetwise] "You are not Lady Anthea? A thousand apologies! Please tell me I can count on your discretion. It's a highly sensitive matter involving the most noble of Houses."

[success] "My lips are sealed," says Camilla, her eyes sparkling with interest, "but only if you tell me more."

[streetwise][etiquette] "Well, I suppose it's hardly a secret that Lord Gaelius has certain, let's say, difficulties with his nephew. He thinks that what the young man needs is a good wife, a woman of proper standing and qualities to keep him from troubles."

"It's very true," nods Camilla. "Do continue."


PC: "I saw an old orrery at Thessalos' house today. According to it, there was a full planetary alignment just before the war. I was wondering "

Feng: "If it had anything to do with the war? Don't be daft. The planets travel in circles, so every now and then some of them align. Two-planet alignments are common as dirt, while the so-called great alignment is the rarest and most magnificent of events. Still, it's nothing but a natural event - no more significant than the blooming of a rare flower. Of course, the magi were all over it, but they were always obsessed with otherworldly energies."
"Why were they so interested?"
"I can't say, not being a magus myself," smirks Feng. "Something about wells."
"Wells? What do the alignments have to do with wells?"
"Not wells you draw water from. Mystical wells that can't be seen with the naked eye. Wells large enough to swallow celestial bodies whole! Can you imagine such a thing? Ah, why am I wasting time on you? Go do something useful."
1. [intelligence]...
2. Leave.

/same question to Cassius:

"An event of that magnitude? An event that takes place once every three hundred million years? One can't consider himself well-read, if one hasn't devoted an appropriate amount of time to familiarize oneself with it.

"It was a time of hope and speculation. What does it mean for mankind? What does it bring? And most importantly, how may we benefit ourselves and have we done everything we could to do so?"
"What do you mean?"