Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Resolution Unlocked by Modder

I suppose most of our readers interested in the PC port of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (which also includes the Artorias of the Abyss DLC) will be well aware of the fact that it's hardly the best available, and lacks even the option to increase the resolution properly, since the internal framebuffer is locked at 1024x720.

Well, luckily for those people who have already bought the port and those that intend to do that in the future, the issue has been fixed at record speed by NeoGAF modder Durante, who is now offering the download for other players.

While it's still not a perfect fix and presents a couple of problems, it certainly looks much better than the base game. Here's a quick FAQ:
Please read this whole post before downloading anything!

As most of you may know, the Dark Souls port for PC has a fixed rendering resolution of 1024x720. I couldn't believe this when it was first rumoured, and when it turned out true I vowed to do my best to fix it.

What is it?
It's an interception d3d9.dll that you place in the same folder as the game executable. It intercepts the game's calls to the DirectX 9 API and changes them as necessary to enable a higher internal rendering resolution.

How do I use it?
Place d3d9.dll and DSfix.ini into the game's binary directory. (The place where DARKSOULS.exe is) You can open DSfix.ini with a text editor to adjust the desired internal resolution.

Will it work?
So far, this has only been tested on my computer, on the first half hour or so of the game. I can not and will not guarantee that it will work for anyone else, or not have any adverse effect on your game/computer. Use at your own risk! If you encounter any issues that seem like they could be caused by DSfix, let me know.

Why is it still blurry?
I don't know at this point in time. It's already clear that there is a lot more detail and less aliasing using an increased framebuffer resolution -- as you would expect! -- but there is some residual blur. I'm trying to work out if this is due to my method or something inherent in the game. I will certainly continue working on this.

Will it cause performance problems?
That depends on your system configuration. Usually, performance scales rather linearly with framebuffer size, and so far this game does not seem different. My 660 maintained a locked 30 FPS throughout ~ 1/2 hour of testing in the starting area of the game at 2560x1440.


Known Issues

Message text is not rendered correctly. I will work on this tomorrow.
Does not work with the in-game AA (but that's just a blur filter anyway)
Bad framerate reported on AMD cards, NV seems fine

And here's a direct link to the download.