Sacred Citadel Previews

I'm still not sure if Deep Silver's Sacred Citadel is a game that we should be spending a whole lot of time on (despite the Golden Axe memories its screenshots conjure), but for the time being I'm going to point you to a couple of GamesCom-based previews for the co-op friendly hack n' slash. We start at The Verge:
Utilizing the environment is a big part of eradicating Sacred Citadel's foes. During the demo, the players corralled a large group of enemies in front of a hanging log, then launched a bevy of attacks on it, sending it careening into the crowd. Later, a player used his knockback attack to push a giant brute under a falling rock, which made short work of it. Mounts are also mountable at certain points of the level, putting you in charge of a charging beast capable of tearing through enemies like tissue paper.

Additional strategy comes from the fulfillment of class roles, three of which were demonstrated: The Warrior, who specialized in moving enemies around the battlefield, The Ranger, who fired volleys of ranged attacks at foes, and the Shaman, who supported the other two while dealing a bit of damage on the side. Though it wasn't shown off, these classes will unlock and upgrade new abilities and purchase new weapons with the loot and experience they earn for their toils.

And then move on to G4:
Warrior bashed, ranger took shots from behind the line, and shaman buffed while throwing out a little magic to keep the nasties at bay. The game plays much like the brawlers of old like Golden Axe as you cut down anything in your path. But with time comes wisdom and a great combo system.

Now you and your friends can knock your foes up in the air to set up juggling combos or sweep an area with a couple of well timed super moves. As expected, you will get treasure and experience to modify your powers on your quest to rid the world of evil.