Unconfirmed: More Dragon Age III Leaks Surface

Thanks to another poster on the BioWare Social forums, who allegedly received a copy of the same marketing survey the original leaker referenced, there's the chance that some new information on the upcoming Dragon Age III (which hasn't been officially announced yet, although it's been more or less acknowledged to be in development by BioWare developers) might have surfaced.

First of all, the German survey included a slightly different plot synopsis, with some new details (since the posts have mostly been deleted, I'll reference what has been transcribed at the NeoGAF forums):
"A portal between the worlds unleashes hords of demons in the land, civil wars rip apart nations and the corruption is limitless. Someone is behind the shadows, drawing the threads which destroy the world. Time has come for the Inquisition.

Take the Inquisitor's cloak and lead the only force able of bringing light into the darkness. Choose the direct method and gather your armies, send spies into the shadows or engage in a political war, make friends and use your connections indirectly: it is up to you how you lead the inquisition. But you'll have to take lead of it from the beginning. Make your player a rogue, warrior or mage and set up your crew from up to ten (!) complex companions to lead them against those who attack you by systematically spying on, revealing and destroying them."

The marketing survey also seemed to ask what people would prefer to see (or "highlight", I suppose, since the game has been in development for enough time to have at least the basic design down by now) in Dragon Age III, though the way the transcription/translation is worded is unclear:
Also, a few things I remembered from the questions (the ones about what possible elements of DA3 you would prefer):

- online/coop modus (really Bioware? Because that worked so well with ME3? :/ )
- special finishing moves
- a lot of crucial decisions
- drama and suspense
- player-controlled day/night modus
- better party management
- 4 companions at a time

And also included a bevy of character concept art, which seems to match the style of what we've been able to see so far during panels about the title, which you can find in the linked NeoGAF post.

It should be noted that EA's lawyers are apparently asking various websites to take down the screenshots, which would seem to lend credibility to this rumor.