Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Preview

PC-oriented site bit-tech has had a chance to sit down with the upcoming Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, and have written up a two-page article sharing their experiences. As other previews have, bit-tech's praises the game's sense of adventure and discovery as well as its "challenging but fair" approach, but goes on to critique it over its technical shortcomings.
This is the bit where I said I'd come back to and where I talk about being annoyed with Dark Souls on the PC - and not just because it uses Games for Windows LIVE, either. Though that certainly doesn't help.

What was much more of a problem was the performance, which was lacking to the point of skipping frames even though it was running at only medium detail, non-extreme resolutions on beefy Alienware gaming laptops.

Now, there is an obvious caveat which should be applied here: Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition is not released or finished yet, so the final game may not have this problem. It's important to bear that in mind when previewing any game.

However, that caveat is potentially a bit misleading in that Dark Souls for PC is probably not still in full development at the moment. This isn't a game which is due out in a couple of months, it's a game which is due out in less than a fortnight and for which the content was already fully assembled. It's probably 'gone gold' already.
Are these technical issues forgivable for a PC port, or do they directly contradict the very PC market that's likely to embrace this kind of game?