In Defense of BioWare

Despite having produced many well-loved titles in the past, BioWare hasn't got the best reputation with WRPG aficionados as of late due to their move to console-oriented design and the disputed quality of their latest titles. That said, Forbes' contributor Erik Kain argues that there's no reason to write them off entirely just yet, especially given their past work:
What I will say is this: asserting that BioWare is (dead to you) or that you will never hand over one more red cent to the developer again is misguided. I think it's fair to say you'll never pre-order another of their games or buy one on launch day, but to simply write them off entirely because of a few misses at bat strikes me as wrong-headed and possibly words you may end up eating.

For instance, what if the next Dragon Age game is simply amazing? Will you really not purchase it because you're so mad at BioWare? Aren't you so mad at BioWare specifically because their recent games have let you down? Logically, it simply doesn't follow that you no longer purchase their products if they respond by crafting better products.

The other reason I think all the BioWare hate is misguided is simply this: BioWare has made a ton of really great games. Discontent over new titles is one thing. You note that, you register your complaint, and then you cross your fingers and hope they listen and make their upcoming games as awesome as their earlier entries. You can be at once disappointed with the developer and rooting for them to succeed.

Personally, I think the gaming industry would be worse for wear without BioWare. Already, many people believe that EA purchasing BioWare in the first place was a tragedy but if BioWare were to be shut down, I think a lot of great potential for new games would be lost. Role-playing games in particular would take a serious blow.