Jason Anderson Comments on Fallout Online

I was honestly unsure if this was worth posting, but I suppose some of our readers might be interested in it: in a small extract of a larger gamesTM feature dedicated to Fallout Online that was posted on the magazine's website we learn Troika veteran Jason Anderson's doubts on Interplay's deal with Bethesda and what was the direction he intended for the project:
(It felt to me that they had no intention of allowing the game to go forward,) explains Anderson. (In looking over the contract between Interplay and Bethesda, it became very clear to me that Bethesda had no intention of ever allowing Interplay to actually create an MMO.)

Still, while it will never see the light of day, Anderson's vision for Fallout Online remains a tantalising one. (I took special care in focusing on the social aspects of MMOs, aiming to take it to the next level,) Anderson says. (Many mechanics were built into the design with the goal of strengthening the social bonds between players, since that is really what an MMO is all about. But don't worry; there was equal effort put into the PvP world.)

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