Neverwinter: The Lore and Monsters of Ebon Downs

We haven't heard much about Neverwinter since it made its hands-on debut at this year's E3, but that changed over the last few days when the Cryptic Studios team posted two new features to the official website covering the monsters inhabiting and the lore surrounding the Ebon Downs area. Here's a snip from both articles:

The animated corpse of a once living creature, zombies are imbued with the barest semblance of life by their creators. These mindless creatures obey the commands of their creators, without regard to their own well being. Typically made from the corpse of humanoid creatures, these shambling horrors can be found anywhere, or any time, serving any being whom possesses the knowledge and capability to create them.

Bone Golem

These horrific monstrosities are confused by many to be members of the undead. However, the truth of the matter is that the Bone Golem is a creation of dark magic, comprised of the skeletal structures of many creatures. These massive constructs serve their masters unerringly as guardians, or enforcers. Stabbing their foes with sharpened bone, they will utilize their great strength in combat


When news of a growing undead menace reached Protector's Enclave, Lord Neverember dispatched a contingent of the Neverwinter Guard to counter the threat. Led by Doomguide Vesper Soulhearth under the banner of Kelevmor, god of the dead, these brave soldiers fought the risen forces in a desperate fight to lay their souls to rest.

But the battle was doomed to failure. Unbeknownst to Lord Neverember, a powerful Netherese necromancer known as Idris had taken up residence in the barrow's royal rise. Armed with a powerful artifact known as the Deathknell, Idris made pacts with the Barrow Lords of Ebon Downs, building an army of undead to strike at their Thayan enemies.

When Lord Neverember's forces arrived, they were ill-prepared to confront these foes. Facing off against Idris' undead army, the Neverwinter Guard fought bravely but were defeated by the Barrow Lords and their animated bone monstrosities.