Armored Heroes Online Developer to "Modify" Stolen Torchlight Assets

Remember when Runic's Travis Baldree pointed out that iOS title Armored Heroes Online utilizes quite a few Torchlight assets without authorization or any credit given?

Well, despite unconvincingly denying they have stolen any asset in the first place, Joystiq brings news that the folks at EGSL Technology have decided modify the parts of the title that have caused disputes, which I suppose is a roundabout way to say that they are removing the stolen assets.

Here's a quote from the official statement:
We do note that the recent controversial discussions about Armed Heroes Online had brought harm to our company's reputation and worse got our players confused and upset, which is not what we expect to see. As a professional game developer, EGLS has been always dedicating our every effort to bring out better game experience for our players. Players always come first. There, we prefer to modify some parts of Armed Heroes Online where have caused those disputes rather than go on arguing. As long as this carves out a way out of angry disputes, it will be definitely worth our efforts.

At last, we want to make clear, if necessary, that we would like to submit the documents, files and other materials related to the game developing to Apple to prove the originalities of the game and the efforts we devoted into the game developing.