The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard DLC Reviews

We have rounded up a few additional reviews for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's vampire-themed DLC Dawnguard, which so far has been met with a mixed reception from the press.

GamingBolt, 6.5/10.
At $20, Dawnguard cannot be recommended. If you do want to give it a go, wait for the inevitable Skyrim Game of the Year Edition, which will include all the game's DLC and will probably retail for the same price as Dawnguard does right now.

Screw Attack, "Wait for Price Drop".
It's such a shame that the most interesting thing about Dawnguard doesn't live up to expectations. Being a Vampire Lord just doesn't feel right when you're character is capable of so much more without having to undergo a grisly transformation. Nevertheless, there are plenty of interesting decisions to make regarding what to do with the various powers and opportunities that you're given, and though this DLC offers a lot of reasons to revisit Skyrim, it's best to hold off and wait for a cheaper alternative.

OXCGN, 9/10.
Dawnguard provides a lengthy addition to Skyrim that will suck you back in not just for more masquerading around on your high horse (literally, since you can now fight on horseback), but for the interesting narrative that it proposes.

GameZone, 8.0/10.
For $20 and considerably shorter than some previous Elder Scrolls add-ons, folks may be hesitant to check out Dawnguard, but after a hefty amount of time in the DLC, we can tell you that it's a worthy addition to the series name. Dawnguard offers up to twenty hours of content that's heavily action focused and unique in its own sense. Despite some issues with frame rate and character responsiveness, Dawnguard presents itself in a fantastic way: beautiful scenery, eerie characters, and of course, dragons. If you've invested hundreds of hours already into Skyrim, or are looking for something off the beaten path, then Dawnguard will warm your heart, or leave a mark on your neck.your choice.

Gaming Truth, 7.5/10.
Dawnguard is far from bad, however, and offers a good excuse to get back into Skyrim if you have been taking a break like I have. Regardless of the weak campaign, the return of the crossbow, new weapons and armor, enemies, dragon shouts, a new follower, and mounted combat, are all great additions to a game that already has so much to offer.