Hellgate Global Celebrates Its First Year Online With Anniversary Coins

The Lucky Coupons they introduced several months ago have obviously been popular for Hellgate Global players, so to celebrate the game's first year online, T3Fun is adding "Anniversary Coins" as a new drop in the game that can be turned in for various cash shop items and "more desirable rewards" on occasion. The continued lack of activity over on the official forums don't paint a very promising picture for the game's future, but I'm sure there are still a few people who will be collecting these:
Hellgate Global continues to bring the gleeful madness of acquiring more coveted items this month through its highly awaited July events. The anniversary events might have started last month, but the celebration reaches its fever pitch this July with the auspicious introduction of Anniversary Coins.

What are Anniversary Coins? Anniversary Coins are new items that you can get by killing Champion level monsters. Keep collecting these Anniversary Coins and hold on to them for dear life. What makes them special is you can exchange 5 of them to an NPC called "1st year anniversary Murmur" in Greenwich Headquarters. In exchange for the coins you have, he will give you a 1st Year Anniversary Gift Box item which contains some really exciting and sought-after goodies.

What are some of the goodies that you can win? To give you an idea of just some of the items in store for you, there will be EXP Packs, buff items and utility items that you can win from the Anniversary Gift Box. However, don't think that these are the only rewards that these boxes bring as this is only the tip of the iceberg. Keep on braving the ravaged lands and kill the scourges of Hell to collect more coins and get more chances to open the Anniversary Box of fortune. Who knows what other, more desirable rewards are store for you?

Now a year older, Hellgate Global still remains committed to bringing a top-notch and unique experience for all players. The barrage of monsters coming out from Hell might be spawning at an incredible pace, but with numerous events such as Anniversary Coins in store, you will surely be more than prepared to take on the foul abominations seeking to conquer and ravage the planet.