The Temple of Elemental Evil v7.3.0 Modpack Released

It's a good day to be a Troika fan, as the team over at Circle of Eight has kicked out version 7.3.0 of their popular modpack for The Temple of Elemental Evil. The updated pack includes "a comprehensive fix for the longstanding lag issues in the Elemental Nodes and certain Temple levels", as well as an assortment of bug fixes:
  • Comprehensive lag fix implemented: significantly reduces or eliminates lag in the Air, Earth, and Fire Nodes and in Temple levels two and four.
  • Disabled descriptive "empty/not empty" hover-text for containers.
  • Adjusted jump points in Moathouse Dungeon (near Lubash) and in Broken Tower (from Escape Tunnel below) to avoid parties being separated in different rooms upon arrival.
  • Changed Lantern Archon attacks from melee to ranged touch (per RAW) casting Searing Light.
  • Reduced value of summoned shillelagh to 5 CP (same as quarterstaff) so as to avoid selling exploit.
  • Bulletproofed drinking contest routine so that Paladins don't fall.
  • Corrected some exotic armor prices and stats.
  • Updated Moon-Ivy armor as follows: removed spell casting ability and charisma bonus from regular variety; added Poison-Ivy, Explosive Spores, and Pheromones varieties per the Arms and Equipment Guide. Reduced availability of all varieties so that they are rare.
  • Reduced CR for Drow, WotGS dwarves, and both Hextor factions to slow leveling (NC only).

  • Removed many mobs added in Co8 v5.5 from Hommlet exerior as test measure to enhance performance and relieve jerkstop.

  • Bulletproofed runoff routine for gnome and elf captives in Moathouse.

  • Fixed pathnode-related Nulb exterior crash bug.

  • Made Romag and Hartsch appear in creatures killed log.
  • Removed Kella's spell resistance as per the module.

  • Merged Welkwood Bog exterior maps (NC only).

  • Fixed bug where Hickory Branch blockage would not appear after leaving area and coming back (NC only).

  • Upgraded many Verbobonc interior maps to be consistent with the upgraded exterior (NC only).
  • Upgraded Darlia and the Verbobonc Scarlet Brotherhood cousins and nephews (NC only).
  • Upgraded gnome tunnels spiders (NC only).
  • Upgraded Verbobonc dragons from adult to old and from young to juvenile (NC only).