Might and Magic Interview, Announcement Next Week?

Despite being a dedicated Heroes of Might and Magic fansite, this new Q&A on Polish website Jaskini Behemota actually fields quite a few answers pertaining to the core Might and Magic RPG franchise in addition to the turn-based strategy series. It doesn't sound like there's any chance of a core RPG installment anytime soon, but question #13 does at least hint that an announcement of some kind is headed our way next week:
2/ What are the plans of M&M series development? Not only by adding new elements to the franchise (hack'n'slash, team RPG, other kind of strategy), but also by the plot development? Will the M&M series be reintroduced, but not as in form as Dark Messiah?

With Heroes VI, we started the second big story arc of the Ashan Might & Magic games. All games that are going to be released in the near future will tie to the arc in one way or another.

About the other question, we're always on the lookout for opportunities to make a new M&M RPG. It is something we take very seriously and we don't want to rush the decision. Obviously, a lot of questions need to be asked before we can start a RPG project. Nowadays, RPGs cost a lot of money, so we need to ask ourselves: do we make a (classic) M&M game, which would maybe appeal only to nostalgic gamers? Or do we make a new kind of RPG closer to today's standards to reach a broader audience? Can we make both?

As you can guess, there's no easy answer to these questions.


5/ Have you ever considered the visual remakes of the HoMM 1-4 or M&M 1-9 games? (especially the M&M 1-5 and H3)

A remake of H3 is something we talk about once in a while. Maybe it will happen some day, although we believe it is better for the Heroes series to move forward and try new things, even if that means making mistakes some times, than to keep trying to replicate a game that already exists. It's not as if Heroes III was not available anywhere anymore :).


13/ Are you going to organize any of the M&M fans' meeting, reunions etc? Do you have any plans about that?

As you already know, we are going to Warsaw next week where we will meet both the journalists and the community.

This event will cover many games of the M&M franchise. You can expect to get some exciting news to be revealed during this press tour.

On the other hand, we will organize our very first fanday in Poland where we will finally be able to meet Polish fans (we hope to talk to you and get your feedback live^^) and these lucky fans will get an exclusive hands-on of M&M games. VIP fans will be part of the event as well and I'm pretty sure you can expect them to share their feedback and feeling with you as well.

Looking forward to seeing you next week ;-)!