Xenonauts Kickstarter Project Update #12, $142,000 and Counting

Xenonauts' Kickstarter campaign is going to end today, so I expect a few more updates will be released before its end, but for now you might be interested in reading the latest one, which goes over stretch goals again. Here's an excerpt:
We're getting very close to our $140,000 stretch goal, which involves adding the entirely new Soviet Town tileset to the game. This will be a great addition to the game, as it'll add a bit more variety and geographical accuracy to the terror missions. You'll be spending a lot of time in the ground combat, so the more variety there the better!

The tileset-specific AI soldiers are due to arrive at $205,000. We held voting on the stretch goals to decide in which order they'd arrive (the more popular a feature was, the earlier it would arrive), and the Soviet Town tileset was voted 3rd and the AI soldiers in 5th.

The only trouble is that tilesets are very expensive to produce and so the Soviet Town tileset was due to arrive at $140,000 instead of the $125,000 if it had been a simpler feature. A week ago we were asked whether we'd consider implementing the tileset-specific AI soldiers if we hit $125,000 but didn't raise the full $140,000. We thought that sounded fair, so we agreed.

This is why it looks like we're "taking out" the tileset-specific AI soldiers, but that's not really the reality of the situation. It's worth mentioning that we'll definitely put tileset-specific AI soldiers in the game if we raise $165,000 (but less than $180,000), but unless we have an extremely strong final day that is unlikely to happen. We're considering adding them in anyway - but no promises on that front