Xenonauts Kickstarter Project Update #11, $135,000 and Counting

There are only 28 hours more to go for Xenonauts' Kickstarter fundraising drive, which so far has managed to raise $135,357, more than double the team's goal of $50,000 , and a new update for it is out, which recaps the stretch goals and the situation with custom portraits:
Just to recap, we hit the $125,000 required for tileset specific NPC soldiers about 24 hours ago (so desert missions will have Arab or desert-equipped soldiers, icy missions would have local forces with arctic gear etc). This was a stretch goal moved down from $205,000 in case we didn't hit the $40,000 required for generating the entire Soviet Town tileset. Thus the Soviet Town tileset will replace them if we do hit $140k, and we'll definitely add the tileset-specific soldiers back in at $165,000. It's something we might consider if we don't hit $165,000 too, but no promises!

We've released another 5 portraits at the $200 level, and we'll release the last 5 when we hit 24 hours to go! These will be your last opportunity to get your face in the game unless you pledge $500 or more, so move fast if you're interested!