Game of Thrones Reviews

In the event that you're looking for a new game to play over the weekend, this fistful of new reviews for Atlus and Cyanide's Game of Thrones might help you make a decision.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun doesn't score it:
In short, it's a troubled roleplaying game but also a really interesting and strong one. Every misfire is met by a triumph of some sort, and the one thing it is not is a lazy, perfunctory cash-in. It's an epic that doesn't quite have the budget to be an epic, but strives its hardest to be one nonetheless. It's much more like the kind of experience I'd hoped for from Risen 2, which sadly turned out to be a stereotype-laden exercise in hollow jolliness. This is thoughtful, heavy with a sense of consequence and impressively nasty even despite stylistic and apparent budgetary failings. After the woeful Genesis, it's also Cyanide very much making good on the huge license they lucked into.

VGRevolution gives it a 7/10:
Their hearts were in the right place, the combat just can't back it up. Very early in the game you get to experience a part that literally has the objective to (take as many down with you as you can) and right before the battle and right after the battle it was epic. The hamburger meat in the middle of the sandwich was the only rotten part.

Geeks of Doom doesn't score it, either:
At first I wasn't going to be able to recommend this one to anyone.but now I have to think that maybe some of you Game of Thrones fans will also find things to like about it. You get the feeling that this could become something of a cult classic down the road. That said, I can't stress enough how hard it will be to get past the problems it does have. If you do give it a chance, be patient and be prepared to fight on through some incredibly slow and rocky opening hours.

And Halfbeard's HUD gives it a 3/5:
I really don't know how to feel with this game; on the one hand I love the story and characters despite the lack of connection to the main story but on the other hand the combat is just not very fun and the presentation certainly leaves something to be desired. I'm willing to bet there was a lot of pressure to get this game out and to make it something like Dragon Age that was already financially solvent but I really don't think that suits this series. Something more akin to Phoenix Wright or L.A. Noire that played directly with the main story of the universe would have been more appropriate. Of course something like that would be hard to do thanks to licensing and not wanting to interfere with perception of the show but it would play more to the series' strengths. As it stands though for what they had and for the limitations I'm sure were imposed this was a pretty good effort. That said, even with it being the best they could do with what they had its a big market out there and for full price there are better options.