Dragon's Dogma Reviews

We have rounded up another batch of reviews for Capcom's open-world action-RPG Dragon's Dogma, this time more mixed than our previous round-ups.

Bit-Tech, 70%.
Highlights are the interesting integration of online features (one section of the game can even be played co-operatively, though we couldn't find any players pre-release), its dynamic combat, challenging difficulty level and a party system that encourages experimentation. There are downsides, such as the plain graphics, temperamental AI and lack of characters to really care about, but for those wanting an RPG with the emphasis firmly on action; Dragon's Dogma is certainly worth checking out.

PlayStation LifeStyle, 7/10.
That said, those of you with thick skin who like a good challenge will probably be able to overlook some of the flaws that a more impatient gamer like myself are quite sensitive to. Dragon's Dogma serves up a role-playing experience that was designed for those truly loyal to the genre in its purest form. The gameplay is great and the unique Pawn system makes you feel like you're playing with others even though it's a single player experience. The world of Gransys is massive and will keep you busy for many, many hours. If you're looking for an experience that will last you quite a while and don't need a compelling story to keep you coming back for more, then Dragon's Dogma is right up your alley.

The Controller Online, 8/10.
Dragon's Dogma has some flaws but is absolutely worth playing. As far as open-world RPG's go, this is some of the most fun you'll have in actual combat. Be prepared to run your tail off when going from place to place, and having your Pawns repeat themselves constantly. This will all be far from your mind as you're trying to climb up a dragon's front leg to slash at it's throat though.

MKGaming, 3.5/5.
Dragon's Dogma is a great new addition to the RPG market, Capcom's gamble has really paid off and what they have to show for it is a competent RPG that's enjoyable as it is long. If you've had your fill of Skyrim and Dark Souls has broken one too many controllers then take a look at Dragon's Dogma to fill your RPG void. There's also a demo to download, so you can always download that first.

TheHDRoom, 8.5/10.
Dragon's Dogma borrows heavily from the games that came before it, but the advent of the Pawn system gives the game its signature feature. When it's all said and done, there is a fun and enjoyable game here and kudos to Capcom for gambling on a new intellectual property.

NowGamer, 6.1/10.
Much of the annoyingness and little of the craft of Dark Souls meets almost none of the actual openness of Skyrim. Capcom, you have failed to craft a decent item.

Official Xbox Magazine, 6.0/10.
Dragon's Dogma has its merits, but for every great idea there's a design fumble that just leaves you scratching your head. Though it's technically sound, the game lacks the spark to elevate it beyond a (sometimes fun, mostly mediocre) experience. Much like the main character's chest cavity, this RPG ultimately feels hollow, with no real heart.