Xenonauts Kickstarter Project Update #6, $80,000 and Counting

There's a sixth update ready for your scrutiny over at the Xenonauts Kickstarter project page, which reveals a brand new $50 tier for people to get their hands on a boxed (DVD case-enclosed) copy. There's also a PDF preview of the art book, to help entice people to bump their pledge to score the final version, and word that GamersGate will be selling the game down the road:
The item that other people seem most excited about, however, are physical copies of the game. We have therefore added a physical copy of the game as a choice at the $50 reward tier. We have created a new tier for this, but this is because we cannot edit tiers once people have already pledged at that level. If you have a $50 pledge of any kind, you will be able to choose a DVD copy of the game as your reward if you want.

These copies will be a standard black DVD case with a colour printed front and back, containing a printed 20 page manual and a printed DVD containing a DRM-free version of the game. You will only receive a single license for the game though, so you can't (legally) give your physical copy to a friend and keep your digital copy for yourself.

Though several people have asked for them, we will not be offering a deluxe boxed copy with various cool things in it for a few reasons. These would be a more premium item and we're not sure there would be enough demand at a higher price point to make up the minimum print runs these require, and while we are confident we could sell a hundred normal DVD copies of the game throughout the rest of development if we had them left over after the Kickstarter, we're not so sure we could do the same with a deluxe boxed copy.

There'd also be quite a lot of time investment into adding extra goodies to the box, whereas it's relatively simple for us to do a normal DVD copy. Less postage / shipping costs for a small and light DVD box too!

We've also added a reward at $50 where you can choose an extra Premium Pre-Order as your reward, giving you a spare copy to give to a friend (again, this is open to existing $50 backers too). A few people have requested it, and it reduces the amount of physical goods we'll have to distribute when the project closes, so we're all for it!

Finally, we've confirmed that the Xenonauts will be available on GamersGate on release, and that will be a DRM-free option for pre-orderers if you'd rather take that over a Steam key. We're still looking at other options, but that's at least one lined up for you!