What IGN Wants From Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

Concerned by From Software's insistence that the forthcoming Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on PC would be a "straight port", IGN UK has cranked out a brief editorial outlining what they'd like the company to do in order to appease those of us who will likely be getting our first taste of the franchise on the platform.
One advantage that Dark Souls' persistent game world has over the separate and distinct areas of its predecessor, Demon's Souls, is in the execution of a coherent artistic vision. The transition from the verdant Firelink Shrine to the crumbling fortifications of the Undead Burg and the journey from festering Blighttown down to the virgin sands of Ash Lake, are all beautifully realised; unfortunately, in other areas the team's artistic reach exceeded its technological grasp which led to some unsightly drops in frame rate.

The additional power afforded by even today's mid-level PC GPUs would allow that to be rectified, as well as affording the development team the opportunity to significantly improve anti-aliasing, implement a high texture pack and add full 1080p support. However, according to Miyazaki, we shouldn't hold our breath: "In terms of improvements to graphics and the like, they're not planned at this point. We're tuning the game and are in the quality assurance process right now so we're not able to answer [the question of whether they will be added at a later date]."