GB Feature: Legend of Grimrock Subsite Launched

In a few short hours, Almost Human's Legend of Grimrock will be released unto the world. And because we're so enthralled by the modernized dungeon crawler, we couldn't help but launch a dedicated subsite that's already packed with spoiler information. Among the goodies you'll find there are an annotated walkthrough, an equipment database, details and solutions on the game's iron doors, a list of treasure locations, a list of the hard-to-find secrets, a list of Toorum's notes, a list of alchemy recipes, as well as everything you'd want to know - including our personal recommendations - about the game's classes, races, attributes, skills, and traits. All of the content is currently complete up to the dungeon's sixth level, and we'll be adding much more information (as well as equipment and spell listings) over the coming days.

Oh, and if you haven't bought the game yet, do yourself a favor and pick it up now while the 20% pre-order discount is still in effect.