Path of Exile Credit Packs Now Available, Closed Beta Access With Purchase

If you want to lend your support to Path of Exile while also gaining access to the game's ongoing closed beta testing, you can now do so by purchasing one of seven "credit packs" ranging from $10 to $1000 that all come with points for the in-game store, at least one closed beta key, and an assortment of other trinkets that are dependent upon which dollar tier you choose. Here's the letter that we received from Grinding Gear Games' Chris Wilson that explains their microtransaction philosophy and promises an open beta this summer:
You can now pre-purchase microtransaction credit for our dark action RPG Path of Exile - and get access to the ongoing Closed Beta in return.

Many people have been waiting patiently for random invites to our Closed Beta, and we're sorry we couldn't let everyone in. Last weekend we had a successful public stress test with 46,911 people playing the game. We also received hundreds of requests from people wanting to buy Closed Beta access so that they could continue playing. As of now, you can.

You can pre-purchase microtransaction credit packs, which all come with access to the Closed Beta. The cheapest tier is $10. Higher purchases come with awesome rewards to thank you for supporting the game's development. These include in-game Kiwi bird Pets, t-shirts, signed posters and the option to design a Unique Item. You can also buy extra character slots and stash tabs for your compulsive item hoarding.

To support the game's development and get Closed Beta Access, check out As you hopefully know, Path of Exile will only be funded by the sale of services and cosmetic microtransactions (we hate "pay2win") and services. Any purchases made now will continue into the Open Beta - although your Closed Beta characters and non-microtransaction items will be wiped.

Beta keys continue to be given away randomly to patient forum members, and we plan to let everyone into our Open Beta in approximately June.

We're a small game studio in New Zealand composed entirely of Action RPG fans. Any support you do give will help us add more areas, enemies and skills and get the game to Open Beta sooner.
What's crazy is that ten people have already purchased the $1000 pack as of this morning.