CD Projekt RED Industry Retrospective Q&A

Gaming Nexus has cranked out an "industry retrospective" Q&A for CD Projekt RED, in which QA department head Przemyslaw Wojcik reflects back on the company's success in 2011 and hints at what they have planned for us in 2012.  A snip:
Looking ahead, what are you most excited about from CD Projekt in 2012? What's the one thing you're planning on doing now that you weren't doing in 2011?

Of course the most exciting thing is the launch of the Xbox 360 and PC launch of the Enhanced Edition. It's our first console release and also a large expansion of our title. 4 hours of new gameplay, 35 minutes of new cinematics so this will be something we are looking forward to on the 17th of April.

Our further plans for 2012? Game development doesn't sleep. We have still a lot of work with our old products and our future projects, but we can't go into detail now.