Dead State Design Update, Shelter Upgrades First Look

While we eagerly wait for more news on the chance to directly support the Doublebear guys with Kickstarter, Brian Mitsoda is offering a new design update, this time focused on giving us a first look on the shelter upgrade system, with a couple of screenshots to showcase the visuals effects of the upgrades to boot. Here's a snippet on the effects of the upgrades shown in the screenshots:
You'll notice a few changes between the two sets of pics. In the first one, you'll notice that the only protection the school has is a flimsy chain-link fence. This is going to prove to become a liability as zombies or other humans start showing up and trying to take it down to get inside (which is game over), so it would be in your best interest to upgrade it to the reinforced fence, which is shown in the bottom pic. The reinforced fence ups the amount of damage the fence can take before it needs to be repaired, which makes it less of a daily concern.

You'll also notice a watchtower in the second pic. The watchtower upgrade has two benefits. Every day it generates morale daily in the shelter by just being present. It also opens up a new job at the shelter guard duty. When allies are posted to guard duty, they can intercept attacks earlier, which causes less damage to the fence per guard assigned. You'll even notice an ally guard hanging out in there in the pic.