Confrontation Preview

Strategy Informer has cranked out a hands-on preview of Confrontation, the upcoming RTS/RPG based on Rackham's fantasy miniature wargame of the same name. The favorable piece even features a Baldur's Gate comparison:
Its cut scenes, all deliciously drawn in fantasy art, and voice-overs, are well written, convincingly acted and move the game along nicely. For those unfamiliar with the source material, the opening missions might prove to be convoluted and confusing, but at the end of the day it's the game's core mechanics that are important.

Confrontation's a conjoined story so the heroes you use throughout the game level up, improve their skills, strengthen their gear and overall, come to be familiar. We're not going to lie it's a game that focuses on multiple-unit management, often at a quick pace, and the coexistence of skills. Early on it's apparent that a simple Right-Click-and-Watch approach results in death - against a small amount of opponents, let alone a large squadron, you'll have to utilise your units' talents to overcome the combat situation.

Oddly it reminds mostly of Baldur's Gate or similar RPGs, including Blizzard's behemoth. You've got the tank, DPS-expert, ranged unit, and buff/healer. It's through clever use of each that you progress. The available unit customisation offers a variety of game styles (as does the game's ability to paint your units virtually), so you're unlikely to share tactics or setups with anyone else. If things do get too hectic, the ability to pause the game is available. All but the very best can handle its complex combat situations in real-time, so the most effective route to take is one of careful planning.