Gothic 3 Enhanced Gold Edition and Gothic Complete Collection Announced

Nordic Games fired over a press release this morning announcing that they've inked a deal with Piranha Bytes to release two new Gothic bundle packs - a Gothic 3 Enhanced Gold Edition that includes "Gothic 3 and Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods in extensively improved editions", as well as a Gothic Complete Collection that includes every Gothic game and expansion to date.  It will be very interesting to see how the "extensively improved editions" turn out and what the posters, postcards, art book, and other merchandise amount to:
Nordic Games and Piranha Bytes ink distribution agreement

Two new editions of the Gothic Universe will be published on 2 April 2012 on this event

Nordic Games GmbH proudly announced that it has concluded a distribution agreement with Piranha Bytes for all existing titles of the Gothic Universe. The following new editions will be available in retail stores on 2 April 2012:

- Gothic 3 Enhanced Gold Edition: (Gothic 3 and Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods in extensively improved editions, financed by Nordic Games)
- Gothic Complete Collection: All Gothics (Gothic, Gothic 2, Gothic 2 DNDR, Gothic 3 Enhanced and Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced) in one edition

In addition to the already via patch download available Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced, the Gothic 3 Enhanced Gold Edition will further let the main game Gothic 3 shine in new splendour. These improved versions of both Gothic 3 titles will also be an integral part of the new Gothic Complete Collection.

Gothic 3 Gold Enhanced Edition:
- High-quality steel-book packaging
- 2 DVDs: Disc 1: Gothic 3 Enhanced, Disc 2: Gothic 3 Add-On Enhanced
- 1 Poster
- 1 Sticker sheet with 6 stickers (on white paper)
- 1 Post card

Gothic Complete Collection:
- High-quality packaging
- 3 DVDs: 2 Game Discs and 1 Making of DVD
- 1 Gothic Art book (100 pages)
- 2 individual posters (A3)
- 1 Sticker sheet with 7 stickers (on transparent foil)
- 6 Post cards