Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Interview

Following a recent chat they had with Big Huge Games general manager Sean Dunn, Joystiq has posted the results of their conversation, which includes talk about the possibility of a sequel, the current state of Project Copernicus, and the real-time feed of information they've built into their technology.
Now that Reckoning has made a positive critical splash, Dunn notes that it is selling well, though he can't offer concrete numbers. So what of the future of the franchise? Todd McFarlane, one of the major names attached to Reckoning, has said that a sequel is dependent on word of mouth. While Dunn won't go into hard numbers needed to spur a sequel, he notes that publishers look for certain elements. "I can't speak for EA at this point, but just from my experience, looking at where the studio is, we're kind of in the perfect position."

The studio owns all of its own technology -- geared toward making open world RPGs -- and the team has its first big project under its belt. "We came in on time and on budget, and so all of those things are really favorable for the studio, so we really have no real concerns at this point," says Dunn, "we feel that we're in a really, really strong position."