Risen 2: Dark Waters Beta Coming to Steam Next Week

While I'm certain that the subject of this newsbit will get many people excited at the prospect of beta testing Piranha Bytes' Risen sequel, there are a couple of pretty steep requirements you'll have to meet in order to gain access to it.  World of Risen reports:
Buyers of the Collector's Edition of Risen 1 might remember that an access code for a (beta test) for the next game by Piranha Bytes was part of that box.

This (beta test) is now entering its next stage. Those who registered their code with Deep Silver received an e-mail today in which Deep Silver announced that the (beta test) will take place from February, 20th to March, 2nd. The e-mail recipients are asked to register again on the website betatest.risen2.com with their personal access code.

Since Deep Silver made a little mess with all the registrations and codes, here's a list about the steps to take (as we currently understand the procedure ourselves):

1. Buy Collector's Edition to get access code
2. Register with Deep Silver to get personal access code
3. Register on www.betatest.risen2.com to get Steam download code
4. Register on Steam and use last code to download the demo
I'm not even sure that there was ever a Risen Collector's Edition available here in North America, so I suspect that this is limited to certain European territories only.  Thanks, RPGWatch.