Dead Island Ryder White DLC Reviews

We have a couple of new reviews for Dead Island's single-player-only DLC campaign Ryder White, and it looks like stripping the title's of its co-op components and RPG elements didn't sit well with reviewers, resulting in a pretty lukewarm reception.

GameInformer, scoreless.
The Ryder White DLC is a good option for fans of the original looking to relive the highlights of the game by themselves, sans the fantastic progression system. Not having to worry about quest management, ammo, or teammates is liberating practice in survival, but doesn't emphasize Dead Island's best traits. Only consider this DLC is you're a diehard fan of the original or all your friends are too busy playing other games to join you for some standard co-op. You can snag it now on PSN and Steam for $9.99 and XBLA for 800 MS points.

Girl Gamers UK, 6/10.
The Ryder White DLC will certainly not be bringing any new fans to the game as it offers less than the main game by way of functionality. However, anyone who has enjoyed spending time on the island will get a kick from the story, being able to see things from a different perspective and the chance to kill some more Zombies.