Dead Island Ryder White DLC Review

We have another couple of reviews for Dead Island's single-player DLC campaign Ryder White, and they paint a much-less-than-favorable picture for Techland's downloadable expansion.

Eurogamer, 2/10.
Anything that was good about Dead Island has been crudely ripped out, and whatever remains has been served up in such a way that it simply isn't fun, even at the basic "look at me, I'm killing zombies" level. The only reason to suffer through this half-baked effort is if you reached the final stage of the main game and thought, "This Ryder White character is fascinating - I wonder what series of tragic events led him to become a stock military villain in a zombie story?"

If that question keeps you awake at night, you may be able to justify spending 800 Microsoft Points (or £7.99) and four hours of shoddy first-person zombie shooting to find the answer.

Official Xbox Magazine, 5.0/10.
Conceptually, a more streamlined, shooter-based spinoff of Dead Island sounds like a great premise. Sadly, this new chapter doesn't offer a whole lot new aside from its emphasis on gunplay. The storyline does shed some light on the origin of the game's viral outbreak, but this reveal, too, is a letdown.

Ultimately, despite its few hours of gory entertainment, Ryder White's an underwhelming add-on that we'd recommend only to fervent Dead Island fans.