The Enduring Web of Indie Veteran Spiderweb Software

Joystiq has published aneditorial/article-style interview with Spiderweb Software's indie veteran Jeff Vogel, with most of the focus seemingly been on the length of the developers' career. It's a little on the short side, but it's certainly nice seeing Jeff getting some exposure. Here's a snip:
Part of Spiderweb's success may stem from its reputation as an engaging storyteller, which Vogel notes says has been a major focus in his development process . There's more to it than a "good" story, though.

"I have always tried to fill my games with cool stories and intriguing game systems," Vogel says. "However, I think that the single aspect that pleases me the most is the level of detail. I hate bland areas. Whenever I make a cave or room or clearing in the woods, I try to come up with something interesting to put there."

Vogel is currently rebooting his first and most popular trilogy, Exile -- because it was either that or abondon it entirely -- and plans to release the "more shiny" versions on iPad. The first Exile title launched in 1996, and with 15 years of technological advancement at his fingertips (literally), Vogel has polished the entire game: New graphics, dungeons, sounds and a new town, and more dialogue and quests, all in updated grahics.

"I was completely determined to not half-ass this new version, and we've put almost enough time in it to develop a whole new game," Vogel says.