Grotesque Tactics II: Dungeons & Donuts Review

We have yet another review for Grotesque Tactics II: Dungeons & Donuts, and unfortunately it's another negative one, with the title criticized for its weak writing and dull gameplay. Here's a snip:
The story is.well, you can guess how the story is by reading the description of the characters. Drake is the goofy voice of reason, a the stereotypical black guy that likes to hit on women, the ditzy blonde woman that loves candy and the sexual deviant undead chick that craves human flesh. It's fully voice acted and you can tell even the voice actors were bored. The humor falls flat on its face and never even got a chuckle out of me; maybe a smirk once. They even go as far as to make fun of Final Fantasy XIII by having a character named Hope have you go on a quest to find him a new mother because a hero killed his first mom. Ugh.

Another wonderful feature I encountered with the game is the lack of translation in the dialog choices. Yes, there are dialog choices in the game that were never translated from German to English, so you're stuck with a choice of (Translation not Available.) I'm not kidding. Also, for some odd reason, the mouse cursor is really floaty. It makes navigating menus and other controls very difficult to pinpoint to the point of frustration.

What can I really say about Grotesque Tactics 2? The story is lame, the quests are long and boring, the combat is shallow and it really does become a chore to play after just a couple of hours. Truth be told, the combat while annoying at times, does work and works well. The game is at least not broken in that aspect. It's very simplistic and newcomers to the strategy genre won't have too much trouble understanding the combat. Other than that, I'd steer clear of this game.