Ultima Online 15-Year Anniversary Interview

Has it really been fifteen years since I was rocking 100 Magery and stocking my keep with ill-gotten loot? Apparently so, as MMORPG.com has conducted an interview with UO associate producer Bonnie Armstrong about the game's enduring success, the recent updates they've rolled out, and what we can expect in the game's future.
MMORPG.com: Tell us about the recent Publish 73.0 what were some of the biggest changes you made to the game?

Bonnie Armstrong: We have started to revamp the older areas such as the dungeons to encourage players to revisit the dungeon; we have established a new itemized looting system being used in the dungeons. Introducing Arena's into the game to allow people to fight in a controlled area with no fear of getting looted. For changes to the game, this December is the 3rd year of the current EM program. We have worked hard to keep players interested and entertained with our stories.


MMORPG.com: What can we expect in the future for Ultima Online?

Bonnie Armstrong: There will be some fun things going on to celebrate our 15th anniversary! You can expect to see the UO dev team be as passionate and as dedicated as our players, we love the game as much as they do! We will be working hard to keep our players entertained and hopefully around for another 15 years.