Interplay vs. Bethesda, Continued

News surrounding the Interplay vs. Bethesda case about Fallout Online has been sparse since the case started the 12th of December. We know the "Fallout Trilogy" packaging has been dropped from the case by both parties, so it's really only about the Fallout Online rights now. According to Wikia's The Vault, a settlement may be in the works.
Bethesda have filed a motion to seal parts of their ongoing case. It is my understanding that this is SOP when there are serious settlement talks going on.
We don't have any more news at the moment as to what the deal may be. Interplay officially have until the 9th of January to respond to the motion. Interplay also have their long awaited earnings report that has been delayed many times now currently due on the 4th. So we're hoping for an update somewhere around those dates, or perhaps sooner if settled.

The motion was dated 23/12.