Gaming’s Best and Worst Star Wars Characters

In a new "Gaming's Best and Worst Star Wars Characters" feature, Game Informer profiles several of the "awesome" and "lame" NPCs we've encountered in the many Star Wars video games released to date. HK-47 and the Darths of the Old Republic are considered awesome, but Carth Onasi is considered lame:
All of today's biggest video game dorks owe a debt to Carth. After all, he may be gaming's greatest pioneer in the field of being a total wiener. He is an innovator in so many areas: wet blanket, whiner, killjoy, and wuss to name a few. Carth has trust issues, which may make him seem vulnerable and attractive if your character is looking for a love interest, but just imagine the life that leads to. (Where should we go for dinner tonight, Carth?) (Well, sweetheart, I don't want to go anywhere too hot, or too bright, or where the food is too spicy, or where the waiters dress in fancy clothes. Also, even though we're married, I don't think I trust you enough to go out to eat with you.) Go back to sitting alone on the Ebon Hawk where you belong, Carth.


Is it a cop-out to include all of these characters in one entry? Absolutely. Even so, BioWare and Obsidian have crafted some truly compelling villains in their RPGs. In fact, most of them are cooler and better developed than the Sith lords of the Star Wars films. Darths Revan, Malak, Nihilus, Scion, and Traya are each awesome in unique ways, while the recently released MMO has given us new names to fear like Darth Baras and Darth Malgus. The evil Force-users have awesome abilities, sinister personalities, and fleshed-out backstories, all of which make them more terrifying foes than some scowling spikey-headed Sith whose big moment was getting chopped in half.