Larian's Swen Vincke Outlines Next Year's Plans

In an end-of-year entry to his personal blog, Larian Studios' Swen Vincke summarizes what we should expect from the company going into 2012 - the release of Dragon Commander, a massive marketing campaign for the "genre-busting" title, the announcement of Project E (Eyes?), a game debut on iTunes, and more. A taste:
With a bit of luck we'll have had a good release for Dragon Commander and there'll actually be a market for our crazy genre-buster, the latter being a term I picked up from the press because I had no clue you called a game like that a genre-buster. I love that game and I cross my fingers that I'm not going to be the only one :)

Project E will have been announced, and I expect there'll be some interesting reactions (read hateful flaming mixed with some hopefully ardent support) for what we're doing with that one, but I learnt a long time ago that you can't please everybody.

Monkey Tales will continue its ascent to glory and we'll see it entering more and more countries. We'll also have the first results of the university research that's being done about the effectiveness of methods like Monkey Tales in schools, and I'm very curious about that. Instinctively all involved feel that it works, but it'll be good to see it backed up by some solid numbers.

The bloody Iphone game will also get released, together with a second one I promised someone we'd make. Who knows, maybe it'll even enjoy some success. In the same breadth, we'll even have released a facebook game, another one of those crazy ventures I never thought we'd embark upon.

I also hope I'll be able to look back upon 2012 as the year Larian really figured out how to self-publish its games. We'll start our campaigns for real next month, and I'll be eager to see if the shitload of money we're planning on spending on promoting Dragon Commander and Eyes.project E was worth it, or if we just made the biggest mistake in our history.